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You will be spoilt for choice with an array of delicious looking cakes and treats to make yourself in crochet. Lots of easy patterns suitable for beginners, you can make wonderful gifts for family and friends, children will love them and a plate of crochet treats as a table centre piece is sure to impress everyone! Scheepjes have such a wonderful array of yummy yarn colours to use, your mouth will definitely be watering whilst crocheting. Plus, there is a wonderful chapter on miniatures for your doll house where you will even meet the doll house baker that loves making all the cakes for the doll house bakery. 

You can make her and her cakes, all ready to move into your own doll house. 

The Crochet Bakery

Stok kodu: 6850
  • YAZAR Caroline Turner

    EBAT 21.6 x 28 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 120 Sayfa

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