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Soooo cute, sooo easily drawn. From small round pandas to happy avocados: with simple step-by-step instructions, you will learn to draw cute illustrations. 


In addition to sweet animals and figures, you also briefly delve into the world of Kawaii: the Japanese art of cuteness.


With drills and inspirational examples, you will soon have a small repertoire of cute characters which will never fail to delight whenever you draw them! 


About the Author 

My name is Tanja and I live in the beautiful area surrounding Munich. The stunning lakes and mountains have always been a reliable source of inspiration for new designs. In 2017, I took the leap into self-employment with my agency “Nice Day Communications” and my blog “Geliebtes Chaos”. Since then, I have also rediscovered my passion for watercolours and I can barely imagine a day without painting. Under the name @missniceday on Instagram, you can follow my creative daily life and regularly watch me draw and paint. 

Super Cute Drawing Course

Stok kodu: 6960

    EBAT 20 x 27 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 124 Sayfa

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