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Modern Punch Needle

22 Modern Punch Needle Project

About the Book

In this book, you will find 25 different projects that you can make using punch Needle. Cushions, children’s bags, rugs and wall hangings that add color to your home are just a few of them. The projects in the book aim to guide you in transforming traditional punch embroidery into modern accessories for yourself and your home. 

In this book you can explore materials used in punch embroidery, step-by-step instructions and inspiring piece with templates. You will be amazed to see what you can do with a punch needle, some yarn and a piece of fabric! 

About the Author


Duygu Turgut GÖKPINAR

Duygu Turgut Gökpınar, , who lives in London with her husband and daughter, is a DIY projects developer. Her main profession is teaching and she started sharing her “do it yourself” ideas on her YouTube channel “Duygu’s DIY Diary” in 2015. A couple of years later, after she started her Youtube channel, she left her teaching career behind to pursue her dreams and opened her own studio “Good Things” to create contents and work on punch needle projects. Duygu moved her studio to London at the beginning of 2021, she organizes various workshops and produces content for her Youtube channel nowadays. 

Duygu, who is known as one of the pioneers of the “Do It Yourself” trend in Turkey, enjoys trying new things, creating and upcycling. Punch needle embroidery, which she started to shoot videos, has become her biggest passion and she has improved herself in this field. 

She has also helped to reach do it yourself trend out more people in Turkey by hosting the TV Show “Sen de Yap!” (You can do it too!) in 2019. 

Modern Punch Needle

Stok kodu: 6870-1

    EBAT 21,6 x 28 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 128 Sayfa

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