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For little heroes - children's fashion made from woven fabrics.
Julika Landermann, founder of the JULESNaht label, presents great children's fashion made from woven fabrics that you can sew yourself.


The step-by-step photographs make it easy to follow the instructions and sew lovely dresses, shirts, etc. The cuts are designed so that the clothes are easy to put on and perfect for playing.

The Scandinavian designs make the models particularly magical. Information about the different types of materials, technical tips and 2 pattern sheets are included in the book.

About the Author


Julika Landermann

Ever since Julika Landermann can think, new ideas, thoughts and creative outpourings have been buzzing around in her head every day. At first she designed clothes for her 3 children. The interest grew quickly and so she and her husband rushed into self-employment and founded the children's fashion label JULESNaht. Made with a lot of love - that's their motto. The creative hand on the sewing machine and the creative mind in the background. Julika and Marc are the people behind JULESNaht. - Social media reach Instagram: over 14,000

Mini Fashion

Stok kodu: 6940-1
  • YAZARLAR Julika Landermann

    EBAT 20 x 27 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 144 Sayfa

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