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Every new season is a perfect reason to sew some lovely patchwork projects for you or your loved ones, which will be cherished year after year! In the book, 'Lovely Little Patchwork', you will find 18 projects to sew, giving your creativity a chance to blossom and bloom.


You can stitch a lovely pencil pouch for children about to start a new school year. Or when the snowflakes are falling from the sky, embroider a sweet vintage inspired ice-skating girl. Then, when the flowers are blooming and the fresh smell of spring is in the air, learn a new technique of hand sewing yo-yos to create a pretty garden apron. Stitch up a patchwork sailboat as the warmer weather arrives and the sound of summer waves are upon you.


Even if your seasons are slightly different, I’m sure you will find great inspiration from one of the many pretty patchwork projects to sew any time of the year!

Lovely Little Patchwork

Stok kodu: 6110-1
  • YAZAR Kerri Horsley

    EBAT 20.6 x 22,5 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 144 Sayfa

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