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I’ve always loved flowers, and designing patterns with flowers, I find they can suit any situation or mood, so I’m delighted to share with you a collection of floral designs in this my new book, I hope they will inspire you to take needle to thread and produce countless stitched pieces.

The patterns within this book are varied in their sizes and styles, many have been produced for you not only to sew as small motifs but to be creative with and combine or repeat into larger designs, making the possibilities of what you could achieve endless. The essence of the book was to keep it simple, fun and easy to stitch. Making this book ideal for all stitching abilities. From beginners wanting to sew a small quick stitch, to advanced sewers wanting a larger more involved challenge combining them to make a sampler, fire screen or table cloth.

I’ve really enjoyed putting together these charts for you, and I hope you will get just as much enjoyment from stitching them as I did designing them.

Happy stitching!


About the Author


In this book I’m delighted to bring to you a vibrant selection of floral themed designs which I’m sure will inspire an endless array of cross stitch projects.

From borders to small and medium sized designs in both traditional and modern styles, this inspiring book features flowers and floral themed designs that would be suitable for any number for home crafting projects, from greeting cards and tags or to be combined into larger projects for home decoration, household linens and samplers. The easy to follow colour charts are suitable for both the beginner and advanced sewer alike and would make a very colourful and useful addition to any sewers library.




Floral Dreams

Stok kodu: 6980-1
  • YAZARLAR Durene Jones

    EBAT 16,5 x 22,5 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 112 Sayfa

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