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Handcrafted gifts are popular in today’s world, and Amigurumi dolls are perfect gifts for babies and kids. This book includes clear patterns for toys made by talented Amigurumi designers. The designers from around the world offer toys that reflect their unique styles—featuring cat, rabbit, giraffe, doll, elephant, lion, bird, and much more.

Designer Amigurumi

Stok kodu: 6390-1
  • YAZARLAR Dilek Yıldırım, Katerina Nikolaidau, Kristi Tullus, Kristina Turner, Mari-Liis Lille, Sandrine Deveze, Soledad Iglesias Silva, Tatyana Korobkova, Tine Nielsen

    EBAT 21.6 x 28 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 144 Sayfa

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