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What does summer in the village mean for you? Let’s think back to childhood and remember… You’re a little girl. You wake up with the sun’s first rays streaming through the window, and hear the birdsong. Nature is beautiful and amazing and every day is full of adventure! There is lots to do in the countryside – decorating your cosy little house, running through the fields with your best friend, picking wildflowers, tidying the garden, or cuddling a little rabbit.


This book includes cross-stitch designs themed around summer, a cosy little cottage, cute animals, wildflowers, garden tools, herbs and much more. Every page is full of inspiration and shows the beauty of the slow pace of country life. The book includes charts of different sizes and difficulty levels, so every stitcher - from beginner to advanced - will find lovely designs that they can enjoy making with a gorgeous end result!

Cross Stitch Summer Holidays

Stok kodu: 7100-1
  • YAZAR Anna Matvieieva

    EBAT 21,6 x 28 cm 

    SAYFA SAYISI 88 Sayfa

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