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About the Book


Joyful moments at home, time for gardening, baking sweets. All the little pleasures in life are between these pages, waiting to be embroidered. Let some flour and cookies, an old English cup full of tea and a bouquet of flowers inspire you. Let your needle and thread design magic moments of everyday life.


These cross stitch charts are for every creative, the beginner or the advanced. From these charts, everything can be created: from cushions to runners. The secret ingredient is just to enjoy your embroidery.


About the Author

Tania Santarelli

Tania Santarelli , known as Lilli Violette, is an Italian designer of cross stitch charts since 2009. She started with a blog for sharing her passions, and it turned out to be a beautiful way to connect with other creatives all over the world. She also is the founder of “Fili Senza Tempo”, the very first show of cross stitch in Italy. Her cross stitch charts are about serenity, love and peaceful moments at owns home. She draws her charts in the attic over the roofs of the city in the North of Italy, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, two playful dogs. Her house is full of potteries, fabrics, yarns, quilts, old embroidered samplers and antiques; from them, she finds the inspiration for her everyday work.


Cross Stitch My Home

Stok kodu: 7010-1
  • YAZAR Tania Santarelli

    EBAT 21.6 x 28 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 112 Sayfa

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