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If you love crochet and dolls, then this is your book. Here you will find 15 projects using the Japanese technique of amigurumi. There are four collections: The Four Seasons, a Costume Party, Successful Professionals and Dolls You Can Dress with Different Clothes. 

You do not need to be an expert crocheter to make these adorable dolls. Knowing basic crochet stitches, and how to increase and decrease, is all you need to get started. In the book, we show you some color suggestions, but you have the full color range of DMC Woolly and DMC Natura with which to experiment and come up with your own color combinations. It is time to get carried away by your creativity and imagination.

Crochet Amigurumi Dolls

Stok kodu: 6100-1
  • YAZAR Maria Alejandra Montero

    EBAT 20.6 x 22 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 144 Sayfa

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