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The flowers in this book are all made with felt which is easy to find and exists in a wide variety of colors. The techniques used in the book are simple, and the creations look almost like real flowers. The models are all on a stem to help with customization.CHOOSE ANY OF THE 101 FLOWERS OF ALL SIZES.Cut, glue, and sew the felt components to make your favorite flowers: slender flowers, red flowers, wild flowers, large flowers, floral bouquets…Delicate and elegant, the colors of these pretty felt flowers create a soft, peaceful ambiance. Forget-me-not, rose, jasmine, baby’s breath … there is something for everyone!



Designer of felt and beaded works, Pieni Sieni represents the Japan Felt Art Association. She invented her own embroidery technique, allowing for texture without the use of an embroidery hoop. Her flower and insect-themed creations are gorgeous and well liked. She has received numerous prizes, including one from the Minister of Culture in Japan. She offers kits and other works in various forms. She is the author of several Japanese books.

101 Beautiful Felt Flowers

Stok kodu: 6900

    EBAT 21.6 x 28 cm

    SAYFA SAYISI 144 Sayfa

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